Hola! Welcome to Argentina!

Enjoy the adventure of exploring varied, unique, and enchanting landscapes? Then Argentina is the place for you. You can climb the snow-peaked heights of Andes, explore Patagonia's dusty plains and the verdant rainforests of Missiones, and visit the Land of Fire - Tierra del Fuego, experience the magnificence of Iguazu Falls, ride a horse through the fiery red cliffs of Salta or hike through evergreen forests and sparkling blue lakes of Lake District. There are innumerable possibilities for the adventurous at heart in this exotic and enchanting country, and a wide range of great value Argentina hotels to help you experience it all.

The passionate culture, enchanting natural wonders and an elegant European touch to everything, makes Argentina extremely popular as a travel destination.

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There is so much to see and do in Argentina. Tourists enjoy skiing on the snow-covered slopes of Andes; rafting down the gushing rivers that descend from the Andean Divide; trekking and hiking in Patagonia; climbing the Fitz Roy Range in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in the Santa Cruz province. For those who enjoy a vibrant city life, Buenos Aires, with its boundless energy and exuberant big town life, is the place to visit. Described by some as the poorer cousin of Paris, the capital of Argentina is so much more than this inaccurate phrase can capture.

Warm and friendly, the people of Argentina welcome visitors with open arms. Even though the country saw some grim times - military dictatorship and economic crises - the tenacious Argentineans have an enthusiasm for life like no other. The craze for football, festivities and food is proof of the vigour with which they enjoy life. Those who visit this country take away with them memories of fine living, luscious landscapes and the delicious taste of good food and wines. To help plan your holiday, take a look at our Argentina map to find a hotel in Argentina based on its location.

Most Argentines love a good party and you can find vibrant nightlife with sparkling bars and discotheques, even in the smallest towns of Argentina. Buenos Aires, the capital, has a rocking party scene with tango performances in most discos across the town. In fact, tango, the traditional dance form, is very popular all across Argentina. You'll also find a large variety of places to stay which offer exceptional value, from cheap guesthouses and hotels in Argentina, to more luxurious Argentina hotel options. 

Buenos Aires was discovered in 1536 by a Spanish conqueror named Pedro Mendoza, who arrived here with the first lot of livestock. Since then, beef has been extremely popular with the people of Argentina, featuring in several meat dishes. At the time when Pedro arrived in Buenos Aires, the open lands of Pampas belonged to Gaucho. Legend has it that Gaucho was a lone-ranger who loved horses and facons or large knives, and dabbled in risky missions.

The variety in landscape means pleasant weather at any time of the year at some part or other of the country. For instance, you can visit or take an Argentina tour to any part of Patagonia, let's say, Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, during the summer months in December through February. The weather is pleasant here during this time of the year. Visit Buenos Aires during the autumn and spring months because the summers are hot and muggy and you'll enjoy your spring sojourn better. If you are planning an Argentina tour to Córdoba, Mendoza and the Lake District, autumn is a good time. The leaves on the trees are burnished gold and fiery red, while the weather is pleasant and not many tourists around either. 

You might like to take an Argentina tour to places in Northern Argentina and the Iguazu Falls , or in the subtropical province of Misiones during the spring and winter, when the heat is less oppressive. Mid-June to October is the peak time for skiing. Ski resorts and hotels in Argentina are packed with almost everyone from Buenos Aires skiing on the snowy slopes. July and August are the most crowded months with the Argentina hotel and resort rates at their expensive best. The months of January, February and July, are the vacation months in Argentina.

For a country that is so fond of festivities, Argentina has only a few festivals. Most of the public holidays are based on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar. People get into the holiday mood with Christmas around the corner and the holiday season continues till the New Year. Easter too is a time for relaxation and merry-making. The people of Argentina regard Saints' Day, Columbus Day, Malvinas Day and May 25, which commemorates the May Revolution of 1810, as very important days.

A country that is modern as well as traditional, Argentina not only dances the tango, but also celebrates the gaucho heritage while maintaining a cosmopolitan outlook. You'll find great value hotels in Argentina, exciting Argentina tour options, fine food and wonderful company... the perfect ingredients for a wonderful holiday!