About Us

Local Experts know best...

whl.travel is all about local connections. Only a locally owned and operated company can have the depth of knowledge, appreciation and expertise necessary to showcase their destination. Argentina is way more than tango, soccer and mate. Argentina is filled with an abundance of culture, fascinating history and countless breathtaking vistas. Argentina has it all and at very reasonable prices when compared to its Latin neighbours. Only a locally managed company can offer you this much information, insight and assistance to ensure your travels to Argentina are fulfilling, enlightening and the real story through the eyes of a local. All of our whl.travel destination websites are managed and owned by hand-picked and well-respected travel organizations labouring in their destinations.

Our whl.travel Local Partners have been carefully selected based on a variety of considerations such as their quality of services, local reputations and their ability and means to bring local providers to the online market; we tend to focus on small, medium and micro businesses. We also look for partners that are committed to our quality standards in regards to 24-hour response time to clients, site content maintenance and the inclusion of information to highlight sustainability practices in their destinations.

whl.travel is an interlacing network of people that are truly passionate about their homes; we combine their local knowledge and enthusiasm with the ease of whl’s global online technology to attain our goal of connecting travellers to the world. whl.travel allows you to easily communicate with local people around the world that really know the destination.

Why Book with Locals?

This innovative company model is truly unique because whl.travel has a local connection in every destination where we operate. This globally localized idea makes it possible to market small businesses around the world which would normally not have the capabilities for online booking. Our local partners can also offer one-of-a-kind content and products since they always have the inside scoop on the destination. Since you will be booking with local providers, the money you spend remains in the destination in which you are travelling; this supports the country’s sustainable tourism and is a most fundamental way in which to give back to the local community through tourism.

Our Team

In South America, whl.travel has a regional office in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais in Brasil. This office is responsible for supporting the current network of live destinations and for seeking out new South American local partners.

This regional office opened in March 2008, and it has since built a solid support structure and personal relationships with each of our local destination partners all around Latin America. Together, we are creating a knowledgeable and passionate group of the best local travel organizations and making available unique and reliable resources of information for tourists, in both already known destinations and new off the beaten track spots. All members of the whl.travel team share a common concern for sustainability and we are constantly looking for product providers who value the responsibility of crafting and maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature and local communities.

Our vision for the betterment of the future is what makes whl.travel a sincerely different online booking service. Our main goal is to facilitate meaningful connections between global travellers and local communities. We hope to cultivate a form of tourism that considers and invests in the future by preserving cultures, historical treasures and nature’s beauty for generations to come.

We feel confident that your travels to Argentina will be better than you can imagine and we have a network of people on hand to ensure you have the best trip possible.

Be sure to check out our current Argentine destinations in Buenos Aires and Puerto Iguazu!